What is the difference between a coffee colonic and a standard colonic?

A coffee colonic seeks to enhance detoxification via the liver and bile ducts by stimulating increased activity of the body’s enzyme system. The intent is to cleanse the body and improve liver function.
Coffee enemas involve the opening of the bile ducts which helps the liver to release toxins and cleanse itself as reported in Healing The Gerson Way.

A standard colonic seeks to enhance the cleansing of the bowel and the colon without the reported detoxification process stimulated by a coffee colonic.
When having a coffee colonic the 500-700 mls. is absorbed into the bowel and held for 12-15 minutes midway through the session.
(Allow an extra 15 minutes per session)

The reported process is that caffeine from the coffee is absorbed into the enterohepatic circulatory system enhancing toxins to travel to the liver for detoxification rather than circulating through the rest of the body.
The intent is that by reducing toxins in the body the liver is able to process more easily toxins that maybe accumulated in other  organs, tissue and bloodstream.
Whilst there is conflicting medical opinion about the benefit of coffee colonics, the Gerson Institute promotes the Gerson therapy approach to healing developed by German-American physician Max Gerson, as a means to promote healing and detoxification of the body.