About our team

When considering Colonic Hydrotherapy it is important to feel secure and confidant in your therapist. Our experienced Practitioners are here to help give you the right advice for you on cleansing and detoxification with a holistic approach to gastrointestinal health.

Cathy Purcell

With over 30 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industries, Owner/Operator Cathy Purcell brings together a wealth of experience to provide comprehensive and tailored programs for improving and maintaining gut health, focusing on weight loss, fitness and physical and emotional detoxification methods.

With qualifications in Fitness, Colonic Hydrotherapy, First Aid, Aged Care and her extensive years of experience owning and operating Health and Fitness Centre’s, Cathy has personally trained hundreds of people from all walks and stages of life.

Through Cathy’s own experiences she has always known proper nutrition and physical activity can keep the body in check, however over the years she turned her attention to what she recognised as the missing link to achieving overall health - GUT Health. With these three elements combined, well-being begins to take on a whole new meaning.

With a commitment to good nutrition and physical activity Cathy’s focus naturally moved onto educating clients on the benefits of paying attention to the health of their gastrointestinal tract.

“I believe that by bringing awareness to how the lifestyle choices we make negatively impact the delicate balance of our digestive system, I am providing the opportunity for my clients to address what could be the missing link to ensuring their ongoing health and longevity.”

Beyond the physical benefits, Neuropsychological studies have started to illuminate links between Gastrointestinal and Mental Health through the “gut-brain axis”. By taking care of our microbiome — the diverse bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract — we can address all aspects of our well being: digestive, physical and mental.

Cathy’s innovative methods have benefited a wide range of the community, from celebrities such as John “Sam” Newman, Lilian Frank, Bob Jane, Steve Price, to AFL football players to executives, housewives, teenagers and children. But just like Cathy says, “Everyone is a star in their own right!”

Kate Brereton

Kate welcomes each client as an individual with specific needs and is health outcome focused, addressing the gut brain axis and planning a colon care program to support each client in their personal wellbeing.

With a strong clinical care background, Kate’s professional journey has seen her work in the fields of Intellectual Disability, moving into the mainstream medical area of geriatric nursing then paediatric nursing at the Royal Children’s Hospital, where she was a clinical nurse specialist in Burns and Diabetes. This lead her to be appointed to be one of Australia’s first nurses to be given the role of Clinical Nurse Consultant in Acute and Chronic Pain Management. Here she also implemented a program of guided imagery and relaxation into the hospital setting. She then changed her focus to women’s health and worked at the Royal Woman’s Hospital as one of the clinical nurse specialists in the Pain management Unit and the Endometriosis Treatment Unit. She then qualified as a Calm Birth Child Birth Educator and went on to have her own successful business for seven years. Wanting to broaden her holistic skill base she went on to study Naturopathy, counselling and became a meditation facilitator. She is near finishing her Yoga teacher training.

She is qualified in Open Colonic Systems and Closed systems, having worked in both Sydney and Melbourne Clinics.

Kate has also participated in many clinical studies relating to Gut health, and due to her own gastrointestinal issues she is passionate in learning and sharing knowledge about all things gut related, so GutFit is her perfect fit!