What is the difference between a probiotic colonic and a standard colonic?

Probiotic Colonic Implants

Probiotics are a live bacteria of the type which normally reside in the ‘gut flora’ and are essential for a healthy gut. A healthy gut flora is vital for normal healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients and neutralisation of toxins that can come from a poor diet or unhealthy choices. Colonic probiotic implants differ from oral probiotics by delivery directly into the colon by normal absorption through the mucus membranes of the colon. This allows a greater uptake of the introduced healthy bacteria. The probiotic implant is a specifically designed formula of healthy and beneficial intestinal bacteria, bringing the ‘gut flora’ back to a healthy state.

About the treatment

We recommend the treatment be undertaken immediately after a standard colonic hydrotherapy treatment for maximum benefit. A formulated dose of high strength probiotics are mixed with a little filtered water and inserted directly into the colon via the rectum through a very fine, flexible tube. The procedure is not uncomfortable. The absorption into the colon is immediate and much more effective than by taking the probiotics orally leading to a greater population and retention of bacteria for optimum gut health.

Who would benefit

People that may be suffering from sub optimum gut health and an imbalance of gut bacteria which may come from:

- Negative emotions

- Food allergies and sensitivities

- Foreign travel

- Antibiotics

- Pharmaceutical medications

- Taking the contraceptive pill

Correcting Gut Flora Imbalance can relieve:

- Bloating and Flatulence

- Allergies and skin disorders

- Chronic constipation

- Diarrhea


- Yeast infections

Beneficial for:

- People who do not absorb food and nutrients well

- Those in need of detoxification

- Relieving bowel function problems

- People with IBS and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial growth)